Saratoga County Concealed Carry Prep Class


Saratoga County Concealed Carry Prep Class


Please note: This class is NOT the class you need to complete in order to obtain your Unrestricted Pistol Permit in Saratoga County.  This class has been developed in response to the concerns of numerous county residents who are preparing to take the evaluation class but are unsure of what to expect.

This class will

  • Help prepare you to successfully complete your evaluation.
  • Combine Classroom and Range time
  • Teach you proper loading and unloading of your magazines and firearm
  • Address and properly deal with malfunctions
  • Explain the course of fire and associated requirements for completing it
  • Address Safe handling of your firearm in general and while on the range
  • Run you thru an actual live fire drill of the current course of fire
  • Offer techniques and drills to improve your accuracy


You will need to bring with you


  • A centerfire pistol either Semi Automatic or Revolver with a barrel length of 8” or less.
  • A strong side holster either inside or outside the waist band.
  • 2 extra magazines or speed loaders
  • Eye and ear protection


This 2 ½ hour class will be an intensive, rigorous and detail oriented course to help you get your unrestricted permit. Participants can expect to shoot 100-150 rounds while on the range. You will be under the direct supervision of one of our Master Instructors and a range safety officer at all times. They will be watching for, addressing and correcting any unsafe behavior that they may witness.


Space will be limited to a maximum of 8 students per session in order to ensure everyone receives plenty of assistance from the instructor.

Cost: $100 per student

For additional information please call the range (518)274-1911

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