Defensive Handgun #2- Green Island


Defensive Handgun #2- Green Island


This course follows our Intro to Defensive Handgun course and is the second step our our four part small group instructional series.  In Defensive Handgun 2 we build upon the fundamentals covered in the  Intro class and introduce new skillsets including:

·         Holster placement

·         Drawing from the holster

·         Shooting on the move

·         Strong hand/Support Hand

·         Clearing Malfunctions

·         Practical scenario based courses of fire.


Pre-Requisite- Intro to Defensive Handgun or similar experience; students should have experience drawing from the holster and firing multiple round courses of fire. Should you not feel comfortable with these skillsets enroll in our Intro to Defensive Handgun course.

Gear Requirements:

·         Modern functioning centerfire handgun

·         Holster

·         2 magazines and mag carrier

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