The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA) is a United States Federal Law, enacted in 2004, that allows two classes of persons—the "qualified Law Enforcement Officer" and the "qualified retired Law Enforcement Officer"—to carry a concealed firearm in any jurisdiction in the United States, regardless of state or local laws, with certain exceptions.

Our certification program is run and administered by our on staff New York State DCJS Firearms instructors. We offer certifications for both Semi Automatic and Revolver type Pistols using the standard NYS DCJS course of fire. Upon successful completion of the course you will be issued a color photo ID card, stating you have successfully qualified and completed the HR-218 certification process. The card also contains the type of firearm used and the date of Qualification.

Our facility is a one stop source for your Qualification, we provide:

  • A notary for your affidavit
  • An onsite indoor range
  • Retail store for all you ammunition and shooting supplies
  • Target for the course of fire
  • Certification Card


All you need to bring to the Facility is:

  • Valid NYS Pistol Permit or HR-218 card
  • Valid Retired/Separated photo ID from your former Department or agency
  • A modern properly functioning Semi-automatic and or Revolver that you are familiar with
  • A proper and functional Holster specifically meant for your firearm
  • An adequate belt for properly holding and securing your holster
  • Extra magazines and or speed loaders (minimum of 2 magazines or 2 speed loaders)
  • Eye and ear protection

Please check our Training Schedule tab above for current Dates and Times we are offering the Certification.

To meet the needs of our retired LEO community, ATS has a flexible schedule for conducting HR-218 qualifications.  You may also submit your scheduling request via email to or speak to a representative at the ATS retail location.

Pre-registration is required for all Certification Classes.