As a Point Of Interest - Ammunition Policy

As A Point Of Interest

There has been some confusion and discontent regarding our ammunition policy. We would like to take this opportunity to clarify the policy and the reasoning behind it.

The Village of Green Island, who was outstanding to work with during the approval process, raised the concern regarding "reloaded" ammunition. Their well-founded concerns related to "hot loads", "squib Loads", and inappropriate rounds such as armor piercing bullets and tracer bullets. 

As a solution, we offered to only allow "New Factory Loaded" ammunition which we could guarantee to be appropriate and within the Range's specific design. We knew that this policy may be construed in a negative manner. As a result, we decided to offer a generous 20% discount off our already competitively priced ammunition. This is extended to ALL Range members for their Range Use. 

We hope that this dispels all notions of this policy being implemented as a profit center for the Gun Depot Indoor Range. For the safety of the community, and the Range's Members, we felt that this was the best solution for all involved.


The Gun Depot Indoor Range